Start healthy lunching today.

"Healthy Foods" is a short film informing about healthy eating habbits on a daily basis. It's part of a series of short films for a health campaign commissioned by Blue Cross and was broadcasted in the US. Along with Cyril Izarn, we worked as a duo on this project. Healthy Films production company gave us free reign to design a fresh and colorful universe, aiming to give a playful and off-the-wall tone to an informative message. We used a variety of techniques, such as CG, video and stop-motion, as well as mixed materials like paper, cardboard, random objects and a LOT of Fimo paste. All of which was home-made. Bon app├ętit!


Client: Blue Cross
Production: Healthy Films
Art Direction & Motion: Cyril Izarn
Art Direction & Design: Pat Grivet
Sound Design: Pauline Le Caignec